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January 30, 2014
The Raw Report & Mexico’s Organic Raw Vegan Shangrilas


FACT: To our knowledge, there are more raw/vegan-friendly garden restaurants per capita in the conscious tiny little villages of Todos Santos and Pescadero than in any place in the entire USA!

Serenely situated smack dab on the Tropic of Cancer (latitude 22.5 degrees) near the southern tip of Baja California, these villages offer perfectly warm, generously sunny winter weather and the vibrant produce reflects this.


On a semi-shaded, expansive meadow on a farm in the forest, a huge festival-like, all-day, ethnic, international, organic farmers market near San Jose del Cabo features an array of organic produce comparable to any at California’s biggest farmers markets, but also offers children’s yoga classes, Tai Chi, arts and crafts, live inspirational music and many rawplendent booths.

Happy Kayaking at Mermaid Beach

Meanwhile, beneath the welcoming shade a grove of mango trees, Baja Beans, is the village of Pescadero’s one-acre outdoor garden cafe that hosts a festive Sunday farmers, musicians and artists market, another one of multiple venues that vend organic produce right off the surrounding organic farms.

These farms themselves often create charming outdoor restaurants in the middle of their own geometrically pleasing gardens and invite visitors on intercultural work exchanges. In conclusion, dining and and juicing like raw rural royalty in Baja California Sur is affordable, available and delightful. Viva Mexico!


For Sale: Raw Friendly Garden Cafe and Health Food Store is for Sale in a Conscious Community in Baja California Sur. $79,900 USD.

Hosts at the Local Juice Bar and Internet Cafe

Includes: a fully functional, debt free, cash income, restaurant and health food store. Current business license, all bulk food on shelves and in storage, shelves, freezers, display cases, furniture, Vitamixers, NutriFaster industrial juicer, alkaline purification system, peanut and almond butter grinder, security camera system, welcoming desk, cash register, all recipes, menus, current employees (6), promotional website, Facebook page, 4 years of contacts.

Plus, contacts with our current shipping companies and THE BEST shipping rates anywhere in Baja because of our long lasting relationships. If you have any questions, please contact Happy@HappyOasis.com to introduce us. We look forward to hearing from you.

December 22, 2013
And Now for the First Mexican Raw Report:


Once in the small friendly village of Mulege, one of several places famous for being an oasis of hundreds of date palms, we stayed at the gorgeous farm of wonderful hostess and new friend, Faby Lima (formerly Ray’s place named after her now heavenly husband.

Unbelievable Beauty in the Sea of Cortez

The farm is mostly an expansive citrus grove lawns, restaurant complete with live music, gardens, pool, tastefully-artistic and playful guest homes and a beautiful traditional hacienda with all of the modern conveniences, all snuggled into a wide valley surrounded by mountains on three sides, the ocean being the fourth. We rode to the neighbor’s organic vegetable farm that was hidden yet went on for what must have been 20 acres. That’s a lot of vegetables. They supply fresh organic vegetables all over the east coast of Baja California Sur. We had landed in raw vegan paradise with the freshest, crunchiest, juiciest vegetables imaginable. Dozens of varieties, too many to mention. The fresh date season corresponds with that of southern Arizona and California, so we bought several of the last bags of fresh wet dates at about a third of the price in the USA.


Guacamole and salsa are our main stays, and already we have discovered an infinite variety of recipes. We dip every imaginable vegetable into the green mound, sometimes making green and purple cabbage “tortillas”. For a cooked food indulgence, we bought corn tortillas freshly steaming hot, right off the press at a tortilla shop. Thankfully, GMO corn is now illegal.

The seaweeds are tasty and easily collectible on lucky hunts along the many lonely coves, cliffs, shoals and beaches.

Until recently the Sea of Cortez (= Gulf of California) was teeming with prolific sea life. Today the billions of shells which comprise much of the beaches testify to a recent enormous genocide of sea life that likely occurred over the last few decades.

Mermaid Beach

Good News: If there be any fruity person reading this Raw Report, papayas, mangos, avocados and coconuts do indeed grow here. Guava season just ended and there are still oodles of the ripest of these fruits to be eaten, in moderation, of course.

In the lower third of Baha California, the changing landscapes are surprisingly spectacular, rugged, yet inviting, starting with the small French-founded town of Santa Rosalia, where the ferry from the mainland city of Guaymas lands.

Our Verizon iphone connection is coming to a swift and glorious end because there is virtually no service here, so please communicate preferably telepathically or via email only because your excellent texts will only go to the NSA.

Dreamy holy days and nights. Thank you for gifting our lives with yours.

November 22, 2013
The GMO Raw Report: The Most Daringly Serious & Revealing Truth—A Call To Action.

Upon learning that last week Mexico banned planting gmo corn and that in the same week, both Hawaii County and Kauaii County banned all gmos, while jumping with joyous squeals of relief, I wept.

I let out a glimmering whimper in a moment of hope for the health of our one shared precious planet followed by a surprising ocean of tears of deep personal suffering shared by so many of us – disenfranchised leaders, homeless home-owners, suicidal farmers, health-afflicted human beings, genetically-morfed animals, non-consenting plants and monumental masses of mutated micro-organisms.

A gargantuan, full-bodied smile then burst to the surface in reverent celebration of the strength of the undying human spirit that somehow sees through it all, struggles and stands up for truth, victorious. Viva La Evolution!

My longtime dream had come true, and is now alas coming true: gmos are being banned worldwide including, at long last, in the USA, thereby beginning the end of this crazy genetic experiment which landed in the hands of greedy men bent on controlling seeds around the world, mostly for sinister purposes, though the public relations fabrications at first convinced many millions of unquestioning people of their supposed virtues.

Did you know that back in 2004, Mendocino County, California, was the first jurisdiction in the United States to ban the cultivation, production or distribution of genetically modified organisms, soon followed by California’s Marin and Trinity Counties?

After years of researching and protesting gmos prior to the first Raw Spirit Festival in 2004, a friend pulled me aside during that first festival to say, “There are two men in dark shirts and sunglasses observing Raw Spirit Festival. They appear to be spies.”

I responded, “I appreciate your concern, yet you must be either joking or paranoid. Why would anyone be interested in disrupting a raw vegan organic festival that is working tirelessly to ban to GMOs?”

When a second festival participant similarly advised me, I responded the same way, giggling about the absurdity of such a notion. Ditto the third and fourth time because, having abided overseas for more than a decade, I could not imagine that our benevolent little festival beneath the trees that aimed to make a better world – a loving, organic, raw vegan-friendly, healthy, happy, harmonious, gmo-free world – was interesting enough to spy on.

Why would anyone do such a thing? I didn’t have a moment to wonder about it because I was too fully absorbed with creating heaven on earth full time for those who shared the vision and wished to join us a few weekends a year.

Part of my vision-mission for the Raw Spirit Festival was to lobby – never as a political being for political purposes – but only to support that which heightens health for humanity and to overturn obstacles that do not since Raw Spirit Fest is an educational health festival with an emphasis on health and education. Assessing the myriad issues, it seemed to me that the foremost threat to humanity’s health was the unprecedented and unregulated release of gmos into the environment – as if the earth itself had rather suddenly become some kind of frankensteinian laboratory gone mad without public or botanical consent or understanding.

As a life long environmental activist, during the 1980s and 1990s I found myself geographically in the midst of several environmental catastrophes in various countries, and single-handedly – guided by the devas of the trees, seas or animals – won several legal battles, speaking on behalf of these plants and animals, sometimes including fish and corals, who lived there, from Thailand to Arizona to Alaska.

In contrast, the enormous, worldwide scale of the gmo issue was going to require the organizing of a dynamic force field of international teams to combat the powerful forces at play, big interests with seemingly bottomless pockets. Thus, the pernicious and pervasive upsurging of this most perilous worldwide threat to life on Earth – gmos – inspired me to learn how to educate and lobby ever more effectively.

I did this by leaving my tiny forest lookout home where i had been living very happily for many a dreamy summer in a forgotten wilderness to fly to Washington D.C. (yikes) for the first time in my life to meet those relatively few people who were somewhy in the position to make decisions that were putting humanity’s health at great risk.

For educational and peace-loving purposes, I joined the 2007 Department of Peace Conference as one of eleven delegates from Arizona. It was exciting to convene at a conference center in Washington D.C., then to meet with our state senators and congressional representatives in each of their office lobbies, hence, I alas realized, the meaning of the American term “lobbyists”. The Department of Peace Conference was headed up by Marianne Williamson (currently running for senatorial office in 2014), with a dynamic team of such raw vegan-friendly powerhouses as Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Michael Beckwith and Rickie-Byers Beckwith; along with Deepak Chopra.

A few months prior, a “veteran businessman” had started advising me on how to run the burgeoning Raw Spirit Fest ever more efficiently since I was a visionary-poet running an educational non-profit with a makeshift assemblage of young festival enthusiasts, everyone of us neophytes, including myself.

I realized later that much of the advice of the self-proclaimed “veteran businessman” was actually given with the aim to put Raw Spirit out of business. Over the months, he grew fond of me, then advised that I was “indeed being observed”. Again, I thought he was imagining things, until he confessed that he had been “sent for surveillance purposes”.

“You mean you are a spy?!”, I asked shocked.

“Don’t say that!” he whispered adamantly.

“I’m not a spy”, he protested. “I do surveillance”.

I didn’t know the difference. And still don’t. Perhaps it is too a fine line for those not in the business.

Because I had trusted him and respected his self-proclaimed business prowess, I had already invited him to be the Vice President on the Raw Spirit Board of Directors, who had voted him in.

This special agent was in a pickle. Here’s why. He had adopted raw foods in the process of researching and doing his job, and in doing so, he personally and directly experienced how eating raw vegan organic foods was healing him, tremendously so.

He was in a tough position. On one hand, he was hired to do a job. On the other hand, his overweight, tired, and poisoned body, mind and spirit were awakening to the joy, clarity and energy of organic raw foods and lovingkindness. Meanwhile, he was starting to grow deeply fond of the founder of the Raw Spirit Festival.

Due to this internal conflict, this fellow decided to suddenly disappear without explanation, then for the next several years, one agent replaced him after another. He introduced me to who would be the next Raw Spirit Vice President, then swiftly exited the scene. In addition, each time a new very helpful computer geek was hired, within a month or two each would turn out to be yet another agent of surveillance and disruption, unbeknownst to me until each one completed the same strange list of activities.

Each agent sabotaged the festival’s computer systems, created divisiveness among the staff, lowered office morale, stole or lost our vast email lists, slandered me and the festival, advised that i give up the festival, organized anonymous threats, and substantially embezzled in some clever ways via switching bank and Paypal accounts away from Raw Spirit Fest into his other accounts in my absence.

Since I was gullible, too-trusting and often traveling to speak and market at other festivals, expos and symposiums, by the time I realized this was happening, it was usually a month too late before I fired them.

All the while, the festival was blissing forth as thousands of international participants were gathering in “education, inspiration and celebration”, healing their diseases and guiding their health and happiness to new levels via the Raw Spirit Festivals, all of us oblivious that a lineage of special agents had been hired to infiltrate and sabotage the Raw Spirit Festival founder and headquarters until its demise.

The final helpful computer geek by name of Johnny Light entered the scene in November, 2011. He had heard reports of how the Raw Spirit Festival was igniting the world as “the largest raw vegan, educational, eco-peace and lovingkindness celebration”. People were flying in from around the world to partipate. He was delighted to see first hand that this was all true.

Johnny, unlike the other “helpful computer geeks”, pointed out several vultures surrounding me, then caught the last agent red-handed in embezzling from Raw Spirit on line in Jan 2012. This angel, Johnny Light, came to the rescue to a damsel in distress (me) by also threatening the last smear campaigning agent with a libel law suit if he did not retract his false and malicious words. My angel and beloved, Johnny Light, has never left my side since.

I vowed to Johnny, to myself and to the world, to learn the many lessons gleaned, and to hereby forewarn others of how common this situation is among leaders who are environmental or social activists and truth tellers today. Surprisingly, there is no book out there yet about this topic. The more open, idealistic, generous, gullible and trusting the leader, the greater the risk. It is important for leaders to not take such threats as personal attacks. Agents are prolific these days in the USA, more than ever, from teenagers to elders, pervading all arenas of life.

These are professionals who are hired to observe and systematically destroy an organization or individual simultaneously on many fronts. Rather than taking it personally and feeling hopeless, confused and rejected, respond vigorously if you are experiencing these symptoms:

  • You were loved by most everyone until you became the head of an organization or movement and now
    you suddenly have mysterious, anonymous enemies who are disparaging you on line, to your email lists
    and/or to your staff and friends.
  • Your computer systems are failing inexplicably since shortly after the new computer guy arrived.
  • Your website goes down and nothing can get it to work again.
  • Money is missing from your bank account without a trace as to where it went.

The good news is that this likely won’t happen to you unless you are a leader of something that appears to oppose the interests of the so-called “powers that be”. However, you can help tremendously by being vigilant and lovingly responsive, quelling the surge of youth who are becoming members of the sweltering secretservice.com and other similar agencies such as Blackwater, the world’s most comprehensive private army whose names are currently Xe (“zee”), “Academi” and more.

Here’s an example of what you can do to take action:

In Oregon, I recently met a young man who was at a singing gathering in the woods. A few weeks later, he was performing spontaneous live poetry at a restaurant/bar on First Friday in Ashland. This fellow, who I will call Pinocchio, asked the audience for a line to start his next poem. I chimed in, “How about this: looking back to the 21st century, gmos are now history.”

The young poet momentarily gave me the evil eye, then started a surprising poem to the effect of “Gmos are good for you. They feed the world. We need gmos. We love gmos. Be nice to those who grow them…”

Wow, were we surprised by the poet’s stance on gmos. Everyone in the audience was apparently feeling like me – too surprised and polite to retort during his performance.

A few days later, I ran into the young fellow in the local park and told him that, “My many friends and I who heard your poetry performance about gmos were wondering if you have your head in the sand or if you are an agent. Which is it?”

His smile disappeared as he sternly and rapidly demanded, “Who are they? What are their names?” with a sudden tone of authority.

“Thank you for clarifying.”, I responded.”I understand.”

I paused, then with a slow, caring voice I continued, “You know, I could be your mother. How much money do you need? Why are you selling your soul?”

He was silent.

I continued, “If you continue doing this, it will haunt you later in life. Can you do something else to make a living?”

Tears welled up behind his eyes. In a long silent moment nothing was said but a lot was spoken between our eyes before he turned and slowly walked away with his head noticeably lowered.

I hereby call upon each one of us to be courageous and responsive enough to guide the misguided youth of all ages.

September 27, 2013
A Very Short Raw Report live from Nevada, City & Grass Valley

These consicous tiny towns boast five mostly-organic farmers markets per week which may be the highest per capita. Our favorites? Curiously spiked golden Asian cucumbers, enormous bouquets of basil, medleys of juicy melons (let’s remember to save the seeds), plump rainbows of heirloom and striped cherry tomatoes, peaches from ancient trees, dark strawberries, and old-style crunchy-succulent spinach with hints of sweetness due rich soil alongside with the highest quality local raw vegan delights, elixirs, Chinese teas and celebratory raw chocolates by Elixart of Nevada City that compliment a scrumptulescent Neo-Zen Amazonian Chocolate Drink by Grass Valley’s Cacoco. Most appealing to our sagacious cells, however, are copious quantities of fresh-picked harvest greens – the staple of our green smoothies, salads and juices.

Hint #1: As the seasons change for most of us, it’s easy to prevent colds by fasting on the full & new moon.

Hint #2: With the falling of apples, liver-cleanse season has officially begun. Love thy liver and feel vital!