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uncivilized ecstasies and Bliss Conscious Communication

Resplendent reviews for uncivilized ecstasies:

Both books are currently sold out again. While uncivilized ecstasies has been hailed as New Zealand’s #1 best-selling adventure poetry book where it was first released in 2002, Bliss Conscious Communication is the interactive playbook that inspired the creation of both Blissology University and today’s blossoming Blissology movement.  Copies of the 5th printings (2014 editions) of both uncivilized ecstasies and Bliss Conscious Communication may be reserved via email through the Contact page.

“Happy Oasis is Rumi in fresh skin.” ~ Shambala School of New Zealand

“A juicy mango for the soul.” ~ Kirtana

“Uncivilized Ecstasies are inspired celebrations of nature and spirit guaranteed to whet your soul’s appetite whenever you are hankering for playful yet profound adventure poetry. This free-spirited poet has lived much of her life slowly traveling the planet out of a backpack.” ~ Grey Lynn Review

“Whether abiding as a hermit on a New Zealand island, a guide in the Himalayas, a meditation teacher in a Thai coconut grove, a naturalist in Alaska a forest fire lookout in alpine Arizona, or a caretaker of orphans and refugees in India and Burma, the poetry of Happy Oasis exudes joy.” ~ The Bulletin

Praises & Blissings For Bliss Conscious Communication:

Now sold out. Pre-ordering is available. Here’s what leading luminaries are saying about the 2014 edition: 

“When birth certificates are given, this book should be standard issue, too. It’s is a handbook for human happiness, an exercise in fertility, and a ball of light in your hand. Read and be transformed.”
  – Michael Modzelewski, Discovery Channel host, author, celebrity, frequent Oprah guest & extreme adventurer

“Bliss Conscious Communication, I love it! Bless U, Bliss U!”  – Ram Dass,  guru and author of Be Here Now and Be Love Now

“I was delighted to feature Happy Oasis as one of “America’s Happy 100” in my book Happy for No Reason.  In Bliss Conscious Communication, she shows us how deep and lasting happiness is rooted in our thoughts and offers us easy steps to deepen our experience of happiness, joy and bliss.”  
– Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason   

“Happy Heavenly Oasis is a vortex of delight whose years of meditation immersion has naturally lead her toward expanded awareness and radiating bliss. A decade ago, the first edition of this book invited the reader into what Happy calls Blissology. This second edition continues to deeply explore blissful living and how to share it with others. I highly recommend delving into it and the many Blissiplines within.”  Sarah McLean, Hayhouse author of Soul Centered

“Happy’s wisdom is deep. Deepak deep. She may even be deeper than Deepak… you might call her Deeperpak.”  – Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda), cosmic comedian, prolific author and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton

Bliss Conscious Communication is not only fun to read, this book is call to action, to discover the ecstasy of ethics as well as the uplifting, powerful results of being creatively considerate and astonishingly polite. These pages are filled with recipes for shifting our words to better reflect the possibility that life holds, and the robust opportunity for positive, purposeful creation.”
  – Kimberly Carter Gamble, producer, director and co-writer of the movie, THRIVE

“This is the best book we have yet read and “co-authored” for inspiration, self help, and the power of the spoken word. We recommend this Have-To-Read-In-Your-Lifetime-Book to our clients and community, not only to read but to co-write, then re-read and re-write. What a foundation of joyous sharing for families, church groups, high school, college, university, therapy, spiritual and community gatherings! May you enjoy co-authoring this juicy, fun, promising, hopeful, and transformational book as much as we do.”  
– Shelley and Kedar St. John, founders of Maui’s Temple of Peace

“Why enjoy ecstasy for a night when one can experience ecstasy for a lifetime? For the sake of harmony with humanity, may we all master the Blissiplines within this book.”  – Mirabai Devi, spiritual author & teacher of South Africa & Kuaui

“Guaranteed to raise your conversational kundalini, Bliss Conscious Communication is the quintessential ground-breaking phenomenon that is giving birth to today’s budding new field of Blissology. This could be the most important book you ever write!”  
- Johnny Liberty, author of Global Sovereign’s Handbook

“Happy Oasis has gone where others must not fear to tread. Bliss is the new “10”, consummate elation, and Happy conveys this better than anyone. All of us would be wise to reach for bliss as a way to blend and bend in times of change. Bliss is not out of our reach. It is our natural way of being, and Happy is here to remind us that bliss our birthright.”
  – Stephanie Sutton-Flanagan, founder of Planet Heartworks & chair of Flantech, guiding the work of her husband, Dr. Patrick Flanagan

“At last! A book about communicating for heaven’s sake.”
  – Toni Toney, author of The Eco Diet

“Conscious communication transmutes duality into oneness. This book guides you to that quintessential reality. Enjoy!”
– Dr. Jacob Liberman, author of Light: Medicine of the Future, Take Off Your Glasses and See, & Wisdom From an Empty Mind

“Beyond the realm of normal words… bliss-inducing and scrumtrulescent.”  – Zander Hathaway, co-founder of The Well Tree

“Bliss Conscious Communication is worthy of memorizing and utilizing in our every day, moment-by-moment living. Practicing these principles opens the door for the highest to express through us. Thank you, Happy, for writing such a powerful book and thank you, reader, for co-authoring it, thereby co-creating a more joy-filled world.”  
- Dr. Richard Anderson, author of Cleanse & Purify Thyself and founder of Arise & Shine

“Thanks and praises to Happy Oasis, for being a bright, shining star and explorer of the higher frontiers! With infinite courage she is birthing a most incredible pathway to enlightenment. Bliss Conscious Communication is one of the most important books on the planet. The full activation of Blissology is a sacred taboo in the conspiracy against happiness masquerading at large.  Bliss Conscious Communication is the perfect, highly intelligent, witty antidote!”  – David Richanbach

“A promise of peace, and a marvelous friend with whom to take flight.” 
- Edrees Sabawoon, Afghanistinian in Canada

“Don’t just buy this book, grok it, and you will find bliss fields blooming in your mind and heart. The Blissipline Prophesy has been fulfilled with this publication. Read at your own blissk.”– Tony Carito, inspirational comedian