About Raw Spirit Festivals from 2004 – 2012

Creating 200 of the world’s largest cutting-edge raw vegan-eco-music-peace events around the USA which inspired today’s raw economy, raw-friendly restaurants, and a new generations of festivals, health-conscious activism, vibrant vegan chefs and healthier humanity

There are hundreds of inspiring Raw Spirit Festival Thanks, Praises & Testimonials.
Here is just a small sampling!

“Happy Oasis is one of the best event planners I know. She founded the Raw Spirit Festival and it turned out to be the biggest and best raw festival ever.” ~ Darren Briscoe, Videographer, Editor, Website Designer, Internet Marketer, Raw Spirit Attendee & Peerless Publishing Co-founder

“That was seriously and without a doubt, outside of the birth of my four children and the marriage to my beautiful loving husband, THE MOST SENSATIONAL AMAZING EXCEPTIONAL AND FANTASTIC UNREAL experience I have ever had! Wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Happy so much for including me…I will continue to speak about the most AMAZING unreal event EVER! As David Wolfe would say that was undoubtedly THE BEST EVENT EVER!!! My assistant Danielle and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every waking moment of every second of it!!! Peace, love and Raw Living forever…..I thank you. I thank Raya for helping me with my flight, I thank Eddie for helping me load and unload my booth, I thank the amazing bongo players for playing bongos all night long as I love the bongos and I danced every waking moment that I could there at the Festival……I will love my whole year now knowing next year awaits all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” ~ Cathy Silvers, Actress

“If it weren’t for the Raw Spirit Fest, I’d still be microwaving my frozen dinners before writing letter to my senator over a cup of coffee. Thanks to all who contributed to the event for the positively cellular transformation!” ~ Jaye Beldo

“Happy, I want to thank you for the amazing time at the festival recently. I had a profound experience with all the lectures and learning about the foods, etc. I can’t wait to come back next year and I am planning to bring a large group of people with me, maybe 35 or more from Oregon.” ~ Sentient Star

“Happy Oasis has created Raw Spirit Festivals over the years with thousands of people. She is a great educator, and it’s a pleasure working with her.” ~ Mimi Kirk, Author, Raw Chef, Longevity Expert & Raw Spirit Presenter

“Thank you so much, Happy, for helping me with the accommodations. Everything was perfect! It was a very successful event. I enjoyed every minute of it!” ~ Mike Adams, Presenter at Raw Spirit, Health Ranger, Natural News

“Happy Oasis helps manifest amazing events of consciousness!” ~ Brigitte Mars, Professor, Naropa University & Raw Spirit Performer

“I know how much effort goes on behind the scenes to coordinate such a massive event, and I appreciate every ounce that was put in by the dedicated and loving souls that pulled the festival together. I remain in awe. THANK YOU, HAPPY. I was also blessed, whilst waiting to have copies of Amazing Grace signed, to witness how patient and present David Wolfe is within his interactions with people and their yearning for knowledge. I was a fan before, but now I am A FAN. Nick Good also touched me with his generosity, presence and energy. Oh, and the food of the festival was AMAZING, every bite.” ~ Michelle Purnel

“Wow, what a country – I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a mix of beauty in such a way before. Sedona is rich in energy as the vortexes here are so profound. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the richness of creativity truly outstanding. Art galleries abound with the most powerful work plus shops overflow with diverse textiles, jewelry and more. The Raw Spirit Festival is filled with the healthiest looking faces with glowing skin, clear eyes and big-grinned people from all backgrounds and ages who mill about the various stalls or take food together on the grass as they listen to a huge line up of enthusiastic speakers. While many have come here to celebrate their life as raw foodists, others have been on the path for so long they are now ready for something new.” ~ Raw Spirit Presenter, Jasmuheen of Australia

“The founder and visionary of the Raw Spirit Festival, Happy Oasis, is a competent, co-creative and capable business partner, associate and team player in any enterprise or project she chooses to engage. Her communications and people-skills are unsurpassed and she is an extraordinary event producer, designer, singer and all around great human being. I look forward to our next endeavor and the success of many ongoing projects and businesses.” ~ John David Van Hove, Founder & CEO, Institute for Communications Resources, Inc and Raw Spirit Manager

“Hi Happy, Congrats on the Wonder Filled Raw Spirit Fest. Everyone I talked to also agreed that it was so inspiring! Thank you for doing this for all of us!” ~ Diana Owens, Psychotherapist

“The festival was awesome. I loved all the beautiful connections I made with people. The music was great. The talks were interesting. Jasmuheen’s Monday workshop was really inspiring.” ~ Jeff Allen, Raw Spirit Performer

“The Raw Spirit Festival was awesome with so many wonderful booths.” ~ Feather Jones, Herbalist, Raw Spirit Presenter

“Such a beautiful experience!  You and your team did such a fantastic job of organizing it.” ~ Linda Zechowy

“This year’s Raw Spirit Festival was once again very inspiring. In Deep Gratitude.” ~ Briksha Mahendra, Nepalese Poet, and Raw Spirit Festival Yoga Teacher

“I will definitely be there next year, I loved the festival, thanks! Hope to see you soon.” ~ Matthew Turner

“Thank YOU, Happy, for providing a space where we could all come together as family and community. I learned so much over the 2 weeks in Sedona and made life long friendships. That’s what it’s all about, right? Every hour I put in was so worth it to me.” ~ Frank Campanaro, Surveillance Agent sent to Raw Spirit Festival, who became a temporary Board Vice President

“Raw food is exploding in popularity among the health-conscious. Well done Happy. I knew you could do it!” ~ Mike Anderson, Raw Spirit Festival Presenter

I thank all of you, Happy, for your hospitality, love, and affection.” ~ Solar Gazer & Raw Spirit Presenter, HRM of India

“The people at the Raw Spirit Fest aren’t just ‘health-conscious beings; they’re artistic, poetic, deep, spiritual, open, and loving. It’s much more than just an ‘eat raw’ campaign. When I told Happy that I’m struggling with the transition, she invited me into stay at her home as if I were her brother. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, didn’t pass judgments, gave me advice, and told me to take my time. They were very receptive to my poetry and showed me more love than I’ve ever felt. I’ve performed in front of 15,000 people once, and this performance meant more to me than that, because of the energy and love that was in the room. I will be attending for the rest of my life.” ~ Apollo Poetry (Replaced Frank Campanaro as interim Vice President & Marketing Director before being let go in 2008 for questionable practices)

“Magic happened when Scott Huckabay came on stage…..Wow….the dancing was amazing. Needless to say, grounding in the sunset meditation that evening was so deep, so empty, so luminous as we tuned into our true natures of luminous clear blue sky minds and amplified heart fields. Wow! Jasmuheen was so grounded, so articulate, so radiating of health and vitality. Thanks and praises.” ~ Liz Faller, Dance, Yoga & Meditation Professor at Prescott College and Raw Spirit Emcee

“You did a great job with food AND parking. I met some people in line for meals who I’m still in touch with – we never would have met otherwise. Who needs to be in a hurry in Sedona in the sun shine?” ~ Suki Zoe of the U.K., today a leader in the raw, and Raw Spirit Festival Demo Chef

“I have learned the true meaning of community and found a sense of peace about life that will be with me forever. From the magical presenters to the amazing participants and the awesome volunteers I found an interaction that is unprecedented. The vibration that flowed throughout the festival was so filled with love and harmony one could drink it and many did! It was an honor to share space with every one of you and I look forward to doing it again and again. Thank you.” ~ Aeon, Director of Marketing for Raw Spirit Fest, a core team member responsible for its phenomenal growth

“I enjoyed the experience of being at the Raw Spirit Festival very much; I found the people to be lovely, adventurous and open, and I found Sedona to be a very inspirational place to be!” ~ Kathy Zavada, Musician & Raw Spirit Festival Performer

“Happy, Raw Spirit Fest was my first and not my last. It was the most amazing 3 days. Maybe we can even make it longer as the years go on. Those 3 days lasted for 2 weeks emotionally and mentally on a high of sorts. The food at the festival was divine, the speakers were so inspirational and the music was wonderful. I really enjoyed Kathy Zavada. Wow, I play her music every day and use it with a meditation class I do daily. The workshops were wonderful too. Sedona was a beautiful location; the peace was beyond human understanding. The people I met from all over the world were amazing, we all had one thing in common-love, and oneness and the stories are still with me.” ~ Sat Nam, Kundalini Yogi & Raw Spirit Vendor

“I think that the Raw Spirit Movement is the future. The people involved with this movement are the best people I have met in a lifetime and what they believe in is sustaining life. The Raw Spirit Festival Will change your life. As a non profit, the founder makes about $6 per hour, supports a whole house of people wishing to co-create better lives. She works 10 to 12 hours a day because she believes in raw food and what it can do for her and humanity. She is willing to open her home to strangers. http://www.happyoasis.com and allow them the loving space to change their eating habits and their lives. That’s what the Raw Spirit Festival is about: Healthy Living, Eco Sustainable Solutions including electric car builders, wind technology, recycled clothing.” ~ Eddie Ladd, Essential Member of the 2007 Raw Spirit Marketing Team 

“Hello Happy, I am most grateful for all the work you have put into making Raw Spirit such a success! I’m happy to contribute in any way I am able. Looking forward to next year.” ~ Joseph, Visionary Architect of Cottonwood & Raw Spirit Participant

“What a professional event! It was like Expo West only all raw. I reunited with so many long time players in the raw vegan scene and met several more I had only communicated with online. ~ Tonya Kay, Bi-coastal Athlete, Actress & Raw Spirit Performer

“I am writing from my hotel room at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona. Raw Spirit is in a beautiful setting nestled among red rock cliffs and gorgeous desert terrain. Since arriving, I’ve been wanting to explore some of the beautiful trails but because of the festival’s magnitude and not having my handsome hiking partner here with me, I’ve been staying mostly on site. Wow!” ~ Natasha, one of hundreds of Europeans who flew to Sedona for the Raw Spirit Festival

This long, comprehensive testimonial is by Mike Adams who featured it in his Natural News:

“I’m bringing you this report live from the Raw Spirit Festival taking place this weekend in Sedona, Arizona (www.RawSpirit.com). The festival brings together thousands of participants, over a hundred raw foods vendors and dozens of top-notch speakers, authors and artists who have so far delivered an unforgettable experience in raw living foods and high-vibration living. Organized by the delightful visionary Happy Oasis (yes, that’s her real name), the festival has grown ten times in size over last year’s festival, bringing the attendee count to well over 2,500 (and probably closer to 3,000). For a festival focused on raw living foods nutrition — which was barely a blip on the radar of mainstream America just two years ago — this is phenomenal growth. Raw foods is going mainstream!

So aside from the obvious things like stuffing your face with raw cacao and goji berries, what else is there to see and do at this festival? First off, the people here are incredible. From open-hearted meditation masters to everyday consumers looking for answers for improving their lives, you’ll find the people here to be amazingly open-minded, generous and enthusiastic. (Thank you to all the many people who introduced yourselves to me. I love your feedback and compliments!)

Far from being what one of my friends called a “hippy fest,” I found the Raw Spirit Festival to be a Happy Fest! Where else can you find a tent entirely dedicated to the activity of hugging? Where else can you see outrageously masterful musicians rapping out improvisational mind-bending music that’s good enough to be the headline soundtrack for a major motion picture? On top of this, you also get to immerse yourself in an endless stream of raw foods chocolate, raw nut mixes, high-vibration salads, raw food bars, massage booths, hemp clothing, and fermented living foods!

Amid all the incredible activities I’ve already mentioned, you can watch raw foods preparation demonstrations, listen to top authors speak about living foods nutrition, and enjoy a complimentary dinner plate featuring a unique and delicious raw sprout dish made with a spirulina superfoods dressing. I ate it up with a big purple smile! (Don’t worry, the spirulina rinses right off your lips… but you look hilarious while eating it!) the festival has already been a wonderful journey of food, fun, healing and artistry, and it’s only beginning!

Unlike many festivals, this event actually has really clean restrooms with — and this is remarkable — Dr. Bronner’s soaps at the hand washing stations! (Yeah for Dr. Bronner’s soap!) despite these expected growing pains and organizational challenges, I think the Raw Spirit Festival is worth whatever it takes to get here. The food, the people and the vibe are all exceptional, and there’s no question that I’m coming back next year for the 2008 festival. You may want to mark it on your own calendar too, even if you’re from far away. I’ve met people here from Australia, Sweden, Peru, Canada, Germany, Japan and many other countries. It’s worth coming to from anywhere on the planet; especially if you have an interest in being part of the fast-growing movement to save this planet through sustainable living and mass spiritual awakening.

Of course, you could also come just for the chocolate, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. But there’s much more to see and experience here at the Raw Spirit Festival. You may learn a new secret about nutrition, discover a new living foods recipe, learn a new chi-gong ritual, meet an inspiring artist or discover an author or speaker who shows you how to look at the world in a constructive new way.” ~ Mike Adams www.naturalnews.com

“Thank you Happy! It was an honor and lots of fun being a vendor this past weekend! Lots of beautiful souls coming in all ages from 17 months to 110 years! It was also a very successful weekend for Uriel Creation, for which I am eternally grateful to God and the Universe! Hope to see you again soon! Lots of Peace Love & Blessings.” ~ Karen Kaufman of Uriel Creations, Raw Spirit Fest Vendor

“Greetings Happy, It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for being the inspiration behind this wonderful festival. I would like to be a vendor for your next one. I hope you keep me in mind when you have other events as well. Thank You.” ~ Cesily De-Angelo, Raw Spirit Fest Demo Chef

“Hi Beautiful! I want to extend a very heart felt and loving thank YOU to you for inviting me to speak and be such an integral part of your extraordinary Raw Spirit Festival! You did such an incredible job putting this festival together. Everything was so Divine! I love that we connected and had a chance to share in this delicious experience together!I look forward to many more experiences together. I absolutely LOVE YOU and delight in our connection!” ~ Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer, Raw Spirit Festival Presenter & Wild Women’s Panel Panelist

“I have meaning to write to you ever since I attended the Raw Spirit Festival New Year’s 2011- 2012 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort near Scottsdale, Arizona. I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed the whole entire weekend. It was perfect from beginning to end. The presenters, the informative and varied booths, the food and music were so balanced, informative, and most of all fun. It was the best way ever to welcome in the New Year and truly got me off on the right foot! Thank you so much.” ~ Judie Christian, Raw Spirit Participant

“Dear Heavenly Happy, Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Raw Spirit New Years 2011 -2012 and want to thank you so much for making this possible and holding space for all of us to converge (as light beings, bearers and all those juicy good things). We met a lot of open hearts and minds and feel blessed to have been a part of such a beautiful event. We are sending you love and blessings/blissings for your future events and activities this year and beyond. We hold you with love in our hearts. Love and Light!” ~ Chef Elaina Love, Raw Spirit Presenter and Chris Whitcoe, Raw Spirit Emcee & Vendor

“Hi Happy, What a Delight. We did it. Wow – 349 Blessed friends joined us at Raw Spirit New Years Fest 2011-2012 in Scottsdale. How remarkable. You and Johnny are so so amazing & such Great Blessings & Inspirations in my life & others… Thank you so much for all you do to create miracles! I love you & I appreciate you sooooooo much. Big Hugs of Love.” ~ Mia Angelica, Raw Spirit Festival Musical Faerie Hostess

“Thank you, Happy. Amazing Dream Team that you and Johnny gathered around in Phoenix. Key attributes – ease, hard work and flexibility. Wow. I sense that we, this team, have much more good stuff to do together, and I look forward to that. I miss you all already! Love you all. You are all in my thoughts and in my heart.” ~ Derryck Lamptey, IT Specialist. CISSP, MPhil (Eng) Infrastructure Technology Solutions

“Wow, Happy! What an amazing CHEF D’OEUVRE! I will treasure this (volunteering with Raw Spirit Phoenix Fest New Years 2011-2012). Your mind works like mine in so many arenas (such a rarity!!), and I truly respond to your mode of communication. Thank you for having taken the time and for sharing your feelings… Thank you so much! I am so blessed to have had our life paths cross. I love you and really do look forward to seeing you, again! I will miss you! And I feel SO LUCKY that I got to spend those hours in your little motor home filled with laughter, sharing, energies and sometimes foods! Thank you for having included me in your lives. I will look forward to future events in which you are involved so I can be in touch and see how I can help serve at some future time! I surround you with happy angels! Lots of love to you, Namaste… Peaceful soul. Squeezies.” ~ Ricki Burleigh, Raw Spirit Fest Volunteer

“Dear Raw Spirit Team, I am beyond elated to have met you all. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives. I AM blessed to have met you and Johnny :) Can’t wait to visit you in Prescott! (and I’d love to meet your friends Larry and Milton again as well! They are beautiful people). Looking forward to more celestial celebrations 🙂 Hugs & Peace.” ~ Flora Forago, PhD, Educational Administration & Raw Spirit Volunteer

“Aloha Happy, I am trying to talk my folks into coming to the Raw Spirit this year. Thank you for continuing on with this gathering, it is a good thing to share this knowledge. Aloha.” ~ Human Revolution, Raw Spirit Performer

“We are honoured to be sharing our hemp hearts with your attendees and hope it brings some more positive energy to an already super charged event. Many thanks.” ~ Alex Chwaiewsky, Co-founder, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Raw Spirit Sponsor

“I have been to two Raw Spirit Festivals and I felt like I was in heaven because of the love, the food, the games, the music and the beautiful men, women and children who attended and participated. This event represents a very creative and loving way to bring in the New Year 2012… Honors to you for your diligence, tenacity and success in those special endeavors.” ~ Christopher Cody, NLP Practitioner

“Just wanted to send my gratitude & love for a beautiful entrance to 2012- thanks so much to you! Love all ways, Loving the Light that You Are I Am.”~ Beloved, Raw Spirit Festival Performer

“Dear Spiritual Sister, I am glad to hear of the success of the Raw Spirit Festival. With your leadership, and the content of the movement, in terms of noble women and men and healthy ideas, I expect nothing but perpetual advancement and joyful, community work… I am still your loving brother, who cherishes your words, and prays for your health, success and happiness, and dreams of visiting you.” ~ Edrees Sabawoon, Canada

“Thank you so much for your time and help! I knew that only you could help us. ~ Karen of FoodNSport on behalf of Dr. Doug Graham, Raw Spirit Festival Presenter

The Raw Spirit changed my life. I hold the light of the Raw Spirit with you. I am sending you blessings.  Namaste.” ~ Myst

“Hello Happy! Many blessings for this new year. It was great meeting with you. The event was very meaningful for me and opened my eyes to many possibilities for expanding as a human being. Thank you once again for putting it together.” ~ Anonymous

Here is the link to a blog post I wrote about the 2011-2012 Raw Spirit New Years Fest in Phoenix. http://anewdjeli.blogspot.com/2012/01/may-you-live-to-be120.html Thank you so much for your kind words. It inspires me to keep writing. ~ Clara Ekeke

“Blessings Happy Oasis, We had a wonderful time with you in Phoenix! It was great meeting you and experiencing the Raw Spirit Festival. We had mentioned to you that Santa Fe, New Mexico would be a great place to host a Raw Spirit Festival, and wanted to touch base with you about manifesting such a thing. Blessings, Love, and Gratitude.” ~ Heather & Gio

“I’ve enjoyed all 3 of the Raw Spirit Fests that I’ve been to. You put on a great show. Keep up the awesome work!” ~ Monica Behling, Raw Food Adventure Meetup Founder, Phoenix

“I am glad you are fulfilling your purpose! I’m still passionately Raw and never going back! Thanks for all you do! xxoxo, love.” ~ Maesyn, Raw Spirit Performer

“Happy Oasis is a seasoned event coordinator and my experience at her events was most positive. She holds to the highest ideals and works hard at making her events run smoothly and taking care that everyone involved has what is needed for their participation. I highly recommend her for abilities to organize, plan and coordinate events of any size.” ~ Jarris Dreaming, Owner, Art of Music Production Co.
 and Raw Spirit Performer

“Happy’s love for life is simply contagious, it is impossible to work with her and not laugh and be playful! Her commitment to what she believes in is amazing and she really walks her talk. I would recommend working with Happy in whatever capacity you can, she is one in a million!” ~ Emily Shaules, Fasting Guide & Inspirational Speaker at Happy Oasis Retreat & Raw Spirit Fest

“Happy is on-top of her game. Handles her business in a professional manner, yet also in accordance with her level of integrity and respect. It is a joy and honor to be able to work with Happy!” ~ Seth Dressel, Director of Sales & Marketing, Earth Circle Organics, Raw Spirit Fest Vendor

“Happy is a creative, purposeful and highly-disciplined CEO and creator of the Raw Spirit Festival. She engages many first class professionals in their fields to come together under this umbrella, share knowledge, foo, workshops and fun in a joyful environment. Many volunteers hold up the backbone of the festival, coming to participate as they see Happy’s vision as a gift to our future ideas of community sharing. I highly recommend Happy and any currently project she is involved in. She is a peaceful, playful human being, sharing being human in a beautiful way with those she works with and meets.” ~ Darinka Blagaj, Raw Spirit Presenter

“Happy, Thank you for your service organizing the RSFs. I loved them. Sorry to see you go from the movement’s standpoint, but from a personal standpoint, I am happy that you are even happier now. Love and hugs.” ~ Daryl Elliot, Founder of the largest Las Vegas Raw Food Meetup & Raw Spirit Supporter

“As Happy loves to say, “Good Tidings To All!” Thank you so much for your consideration and participation! Lovely to have met you. You are all absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful time and I hope the same can be said from you. Can’t wait to do it again…. Yes, yes, yes, I hope we will work, play, learn and grow together in the future! Blessings.” ~ Sher Shah Khan, Esteemed Raw Spirit Core Team Member, after the final festival in 2012

“Very Happy to have worked with Happy!” ~ Christopher Welnicki, Raw Spirit Director of Advertising