About Happy Oasis

“Happy, you are the happiest person I know. I loved visiting your Oasis which is in fact a peaceful and Happy Oasis! Your bliss is contagious, and you are one loving giving type of gal! I love you and all you give to the earth!” ~ Marion Buteau, Raw Spirit Computer Tech Volunteer

“Happy Oasis is a great influence in my life! She is the hardest working peace maker and bridge maker I know. Her passion to bring together like minded soul brothers and sisters is grand! Happy is truly helping the world be a better place. I recommend helping, assisting, hiring and caring for Happy.” ~Wendy Daugherty, Raw Spirit Performer

“Spending the better part of a year working and living with Happy, nearly side by side, has lead me to believe that she is an amazing individual. Her breadth of knowledge is remarkable, as a writer, designer, musician, planner and spiritual leader. She never ceased to surprise me, whether it be with a delicious raw food dish, delivered to my door, or the coordination of a successful event that she manifested virtually alone. Infinitely thoughtful and creative, she has the unique ability to approach each day with positivity, optimism, and splendid cheer. Happy is a good friend of mine and I would feel honored to work with her any day of the week, rain or shine. ~ Sher Shah J. Khan, Happy Oasis Retreat Manager & Raw Spirit Manager

“Happy is a passionate advocate for health and well-being and has a gift for networking and bringing people together. She is extremely knowledgeable in the raw food movement and wild crafting, and is a talented artist. I highly recommend her for collaborative endeavors and artistic pursuits.” ~ William Eaton, Director / CEO, Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery
 and Raw Spirit Performer

“I think it takes a special person of heart and devotion to have a vision, and to make it happen and not give up. Happy is one of those special people!” ~ Janet Parkes

“Happy is a tour de force of inspiration – with deep attention to evidence in her advocacy work – helping all of us see the path to a better world.” ~ Melanie St. James, Managing Director, The Global Summit

“A bright example of one who can put her imagination to work, Happy seemingly effortlessly. 
The fact that she organizes so well means she must be thinking within this world. Yet, when she shares her thoughts before it is actually done, you discover it’s not only because of delicious details ceaselessly floating through her mind that she somehow magically directs everything. Her compass points towards the heavens and the manifestation of it all is like a work of art in the making as we happily co-create with Happy Oasis.” ~ Jurriaan Hartog, Owner 0f Sailing Company, Captain Jurriaan
 of Denmark, and Wwoofer at the Happy Oasis Retreat

“It was a pleasure to work with Happy –  a whirlwind of energy and dynamo, who always keeps things lively and fun! She kept me on my toes, in a great way! If you want to get things done with creative panache, call on HappyO!” ~ Gail Koffman, Chief Creative Officer at Wordess

“What an amazing woman – Happy Oasis – with so many gifts and talents all working together to make our planet a better place to live.” ~ Janet, Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce

“A talented, exquisite and very self-motivated workshop leader and performer, Happy can sing, write and play guitar like an angel. 
She has written some amazing books and created many cds and dvds. I am privileged to know and love such a beautiful angel of Light and Love who is also so grounded in making this world a better place to live. I would love to support her in all that she dreams to create. My life is richer from knowing her.” ~ Shareen Seykota, Event Producer, Realtor & Rotary Club Leader of Maui

“Happy’s love for life is simply contagious. It is impossible to work with her and not laugh and be playful! Her commitment to what she believes in is amazing and she really walks her talk. I would recommend working with Happy in whatever capacity you can. She is one in a million!” ~ Emily Shaules, former attorney, Author of “From Law To Raw”. Fasting Guide & Inspirational Speaker at Happy Oasis Retreat & Raw Spirit Fest

“Happy is a visionary and a delight.” ~ Jonathan Best, Owner, Bubble Music
 & Happy Oasis Retreat & Raw Spirit Performer

“Happy Oasis is one of the best event planners I know. She founded the Raw Spirit Festival and it turned out to be the biggest and best raw festival ever.” ~ Darren Briscoe, Videographer, Editor, Website Designer, Internet Marketer, Raw Spirit Attendee & Peerless Publishing Co-Founder

“Happy Oasis helps manifest amazing events of consciousness!” ~ Brigitte Mars, Prolific Author or Health & Consciousness Books, Professor at Naropa University & Raw Spirit Performer

“Happy is on-top of her game. Handles her business in a professional manner, yet also in accordance with her level of integrity and respect. It is a joy and honor to be able to work with Happy!” ~ Seth Dressel, Director of Sales & Marketing, Earth Circle Organics & Raw Spirit Fest Vendor

“Happy is a competent, co-creative and capable business partner, associate and team player in any enterprise or project she chooses to engage. Her communications and people-skills are unsurpassed and she is an extraordinary event producer, designer, singer and all around great human being. I look forward to our next endeavor and the success of many ongoing projects and businesses.” ~ John David Van Hove, Founder & CEO, Institute for Communications Resources, Inc and Raw Spirit Manager

“Happy is a creative, purposeful and highly-disciplined CEO and creator of the Raw Spirit Festival. She engages many first class professionals in their fields to come together under this umbrella, share knowledge, foo, workshops and fun in a joyful environment. Many volunteers hold up the backbone of the festival, coming to participate as they see Happy’s vision as a gift to our future ideas of community sharing. I highly recommend Happy and any currently project she is involved in. She is a peaceful, playful human being, sharing being human in a beautiful way with those she works with and meets.” ~ Darinka Blagaj, Raw Spirit Presenter

“Happy, Thank you for being YOU. I love what you are doing with sharing your love and bliss!” ~ David Warr, Chocolatree, Sedona, AZ

“Happy Oasis is a very special person. Her creativity is boundless. She is so much fun to be around and excites everyone around her to be and do their best. She is an honest communicator, completely trustworthy and very reliable. Happy has created events over the years with thousands of people. She is a great educator and It’s a pleasure working with her.” ~ Mimi Kirk, Author, Raw Chef, Longevity Expert & Raw Spirit Presenter

“Thank you, Happy, for being a wonderful fun bright spirit filled with so much love & enthusiasm, creating beautiful uplifting events that I hope I can always be a part of!” ~ Beloved Love, Raw Spirit Performing Artist

“Very Happy to have worked with Happy!” ~ Christopher Welnicki, Raw Spirit Director of Advertising

“Happy is an amazing woman! She is dedicated, determined and driven to excel in her business, career and personal roles. When you need a great coach, resource and support to help you stay focused, inspired and motivated to be your best and take your health to the next level, choose Happy. With her high standards, multi-dimensional and health mastery she is a great role model and inspiration for any individual committed to personal excellence. 

We met at a self growth and personal development seminar in LA in 2008 and maintain a close connection. I value our relationship as friends and kindred spirits.
Happy has written a thought provoking book Bliss Conscious Communications, and is the founder and brilliant promoter of the fantastic Raw Spirit Festival events. I have been blessed to be a speaker at Raw Spirit for three years and have made many great friends and learned so much more about health and raw foods. She is totally committed to helping people be, do and enjoy more health and vitality in their life. 

Happy has inspired and supported me in many ways. I’m confident her amazing coaching skills for nutrition, health, raw foods and energetic lifestyle will help you also. You will be happy when you have Happy as a resource and role model. 

She is an expert raw organic whole foods coach with great energy, inspiration and motivation for health and beauty. Additionally, Happy is a super communicator as well as  fitness, longevity and wellness role model.” ~ Michael Morningstar, Coach & Raw Spirit Presenter