Happy Oasis is a fun loving inspiration…

Affectionately called “HappyO”, Happy Oasis is the author of Bliss Conscious Communication, the book that inspired Blissology University, and uncivilized ecstasies, ecstatic nomadic international adventure poetry about the joys of living beyond civilization.

While enjoying an audacious, diversified life, Happy has been an adventure anthropologist, succulent strategist, ethical advisor, environmental advocate, community solutions leader, eco-entrepreneur, monastic meditation program director, inventor, architectural designer, show time naturalist & choreographer on the Princess Cruises Alaska Inside Passage routes, as well as a health and happiness consultant, and international wilderness guide.

For more than 20 years, she has been a featured guest reverend at churches, synagogues and spiritual centers, including her Happy Oasis Retreat; an edible plants foraging mentor in more than a dozen ecosystems; a sleep consultant, fitness friend, songwriter, circle singer, international backpacking explorer, linguist of tribal languages, artist and Blissologist.

For bookings, inquiries or consultation text 928.308.2146 or happy@happyoasis.com

Let’s Activate The Miraculous &

Bliss Forth With Love,

Happy Heavenly Oasis