Happy Oasis, Author & Presenter of the Bliss Book

Bliss BookBliss Conscious Communication by Author & Presenter Happy Oasis may be the most important book you will ever WRITE! This provocative interactive playbook is guaranteed to raise your conversational kundalini. Considered The Guide to conversational alchemy, Bliss is a treasure trove of dynamic techniques for making magic of everyday conversations.

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Bliss BookBliss Book

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Happy Oasis, Poet & Author of the Ecstatic Poetry Book 

Ecstatic Poetry BookHailed as the country‚Äôs #1 best-selling poetry book in 2002, the year the 1st edition was released in New Zealand, all 30,000 copies of uncivilized ecstasies by Poet & Author Happy Oasis sold out.

Copies of the dashing 10th anniversary edition are now available: happy@happyoasis.com

Buy uncivilized ecstasies direct from the author for $20 (includes shipping)

Ecstatic Poetry Book Ecstatic Poetry Book