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Appreciation for Playshops For Blissologists, WildVegetarianAdventures.com, and Beyond

“Over the years I have had the opportunity to witness many presentations on positive living, the law of mind action and the importance of developing a compassionate heart to bless the human condition. However, seldom have I experienced a presenter who consciously embodies these positive principles in her moment to moment relationships with others. Happy has an ability to assist others in genuine exploration of the sacred art of authentic heartfelt communication. Her presentation, and example, leads participants into those lovely enhanced realms of intimate communication that we all seek with one another. I enthusiastically recommend her as a presenter to groups seeking a unique experience in heartfelt communication.” ~ Gary Layman, Reverend of The Circle of Radiant Heart, Medford, OR Author of I AM Light www.IamLightEternal.com

“Dear Happy, Thank you for the amazing workshop. I didn’t get a chance to warn you that I might not smile very much because it actually sometimes hurts my face to smile because of having been hit in the temple (chewing, laughing and smiling are all affected), but it turned out I felt so energized by your brilliance that I could really smile most of the time. It very much cheered me up and I have been in a mire of depression since my head injury (the past two years) and even before. You are the most inspiring person I have ever met. I deeply respect your happiness and I accept the medicine that I learned tonight from you. (I call it medicine because it actually made me somewhat queasy to be so focused on happiness, as it was changing my brain chemistry, but it was ultimately the best thing for me.) You remind me of my hero Peace Pilgrim. Thank you for teaching us that we have no choice but to rejoice.” ~ Vanessa Nowisky, Ashland, OR

“That was seriously and without a doubt, outside of the birth of my four children and the marriage to my beautiful loving husband, THE MOST SENSATIONAL AMAZING EXCEPTIONAL AND FANTASTIC UNREAL experience I have ever had! Wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Happy so much for including me…I will continue to speak about the most AMAZING unreal event EVER!  My assistant Danielle and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every waking moment of every second of it!!! Peace, love and Raw Living forever…..I thank you. I thank Raya for helping me with my flight, I thank Eddie for helping me load and unload my booth, I thank the amazing bongo players for playing bongos all night long as I love the bongos and I danced every waking moment that I could there……I will love my whole year now knowing next year awaits all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” ~ Cathy Silvers, Actress